Monday, August 31, 2015

Don't Forget Their Name - A Review of Black Satellite's Latest Album

Black Satellite is a NYC-based rock group with a great sound that made up of heavy blues-infused guitar riffs, bursting melodic basslines, smooth, smart drumming and powerful vocals. A 4-piece band that consists of Petar Krsikapa on vocals, Juan Cardenas on guitars, Rik Cava on bass and Frank Juan on drums. With each member bringing in over a decade of experience within the underground NYC clubs and a variety of influences, this is a band to check out.

Black Satellite's recent release "Don't Forget My Name" is an easily-addictive 4-track EP with a unique sound. The record combines a powerful blues/rock sound with a nice bassy punch that hits you right in the gut. This is a great band and a solid recording. The melodies are powerful and progressively develop along the way. Petar Krsikapa has an attractive vocal range, filling songs with emotional lyrics and tone. Instrumentally, this band has a bright, full accompaniment that

Monday, August 24, 2015

Windy City Soul - Taking a Listen to Brandon James ♫♫

Brandon James is an impressive singer with an excellent soulful sound and stylistic approach. This talent tackles funky smooth jazz/rock & soul instrumentals with powerful vocals in a varied range of tones. With a steady baritone, James rides his soul-soothing bass lines with intense vocals that dig right in. At high moments you’ll hear him breaking into delicate falsettos.

He describes his sound as a mixture of Pop and Soul. For Brandon, music is more than a passion; it is Brandon James life and has been his dream since he realized his ability to sing at a young age. Seeking to learn music on all levels Brandon James attended Columbia College Chicago where he earned a degree in music performance & business. It was also an amazing moment in 2009 when the young gifted artist got the chance to perform with the legendary band Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There is a War on Information – RNAtheMessanger Releases His 'Mechanical Hounds'

Tyrannical sound, "Mechanical Hounds" delivers a well-deserved message to the sheeple. And that message is Open Up Your Eyes. Better yet- open up your ears! We have a demonic killer Uncle Sam spitting a (dope) Children of the Corn reference, which makes me think about Monsanto. The Orwellian nightmare scenario presented throughout this video is certainly something to consider.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New York City Rock Band 'Pralaya' is Quite An Impressive Quartet

These guys have done their homework. 

      Upon first listening, I heard an arrangement reminiscent of early Staind or Incubus. An ambient yet melodic hard rock sound. Then it picks up. The band creates a smooth sonic energy that combines a solid sound with aggressive buildups and breakdowns. Further listening presents a combination of guitar and vocal 
melodies that reminds one of bands like Tool or A Perfect Circle.

       Jon Connolly's bass grooves jump around and hits you with a punch. At times mellow and other times brutally digging in. Connolly is a bass player's bass player. Along with Greg Telfeian on drums, this band has found a perfect combination. Connolly and Telfeian together create hard-hitting rhythms that keep this band moving with powerful tracks over and over.