Monday, August 31, 2015

Don't Forget Their Name - A Review of Black Satellite's Latest Album

Black Satellite is a NYC-based rock group with a great sound that made up of heavy blues-infused guitar riffs, bursting melodic basslines, smooth, smart drumming and powerful vocals. A 4-piece band that consists of Petar Krsikapa on vocals, Juan Cardenas on guitars, Rik Cava on bass and Frank Juan on drums. With each member bringing in over a decade of experience within the underground NYC clubs and a variety of influences, this is a band to check out.

Black Satellite's recent release "Don't Forget My Name" is an easily-addictive 4-track EP with a unique sound. The record combines a powerful blues/rock sound with a nice bassy punch that hits you right in the gut. This is a great band and a solid recording. The melodies are powerful and progressively develop along the way. Petar Krsikapa has an attractive vocal range, filling songs with emotional lyrics and tone. Instrumentally, this band has a bright, full accompaniment that
complements the vocal track perfectly.

I personally am a big fan of this band after hearing this EP. Each of the songs individually are unique in their own way while all together maintaining a consistent sound, and it is very enjoyable. I especially enjoy the moments of ambient vocals that hover over the deep bass and drums. They are definitely able to create a euphoric hard rock sound. While reviewing this EP I didn't want to stop playing it. Quick and to the point, Black Sattelite's performance is high-quality throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. This band has a distinctive and original sound that I would strongly recommend to all fans of heavy rock. I can't wait to hear more from this band.The hit single off this EP titled ”Awake”, is attached below for you to listen.

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-Scotty V

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