Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New York City Rock Band 'Pralaya' is Quite An Impressive Quartet

These guys have done their homework. 

      Upon first listening, I heard an arrangement reminiscent of early Staind or Incubus. An ambient yet melodic hard rock sound. Then it picks up. The band creates a smooth sonic energy that combines a solid sound with aggressive buildups and breakdowns. Further listening presents a combination of guitar and vocal 
melodies that reminds one of bands like Tool or A Perfect Circle.

       Jon Connolly's bass grooves jump around and hits you with a punch. At times mellow and other times brutally digging in. Connolly is a bass player's bass player. Along with Greg Telfeian on drums, this band has found a perfect combination. Connolly and Telfeian together create hard-hitting rhythms that keep this band moving with powerful tracks over and over.

Rick Whitley provides solid guitar work throughout every song. Creating ambient soundscapes at times, and powerful solos at others. Considering Whitley is the only guitarist in the band, he does an excellent job at providing both rhythm and leads. Stop-and-go changes on "Farewell" and riffs on "Fugitive" are definitely a highlight.

Alex Knales' vocals and melodies make one envision a galactic dreamscape. His lyrics draw you in like a flame and slowly try to pry open your third eye. Reaching high octaves at times when the rhythm section drops, combined with Rick Whitley's guitar, Knales' vocals can easily fit in with the likes of Maynard James Keenan, among others.

Pralaya's most recent release, "Matter of Time" only reinforces this band's talent once again. With powerful bass and drums, shredding guitar and a strong burst of energy from vocalist Alex Knales, Pralaya definitely seems to have found their sound. Let's hope they keep it coming! This is a great listen for any hard rock fans! Go check them out.

-Scotty Vile



  1. Awesome band, I particularly enjoyed "Farewell" off the album.

  2. Love these guys! Their music gives me goosebumps