Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There is a War on Information – RNAtheMessanger Releases His 'Mechanical Hounds'

Tyrannical sound, "Mechanical Hounds" delivers a well-deserved message to the sheeple. And that message is Open Up Your Eyes. Better yet- open up your ears! We have a demonic killer Uncle Sam spitting a (dope) Children of the Corn reference, which makes me think about Monsanto. The Orwellian nightmare scenario presented throughout this video is certainly something to consider.

          It starts out like any good song or video should; with a huge bong blast, and some illicit drug use. But you can go ask Alice, this party quickly takes a turn for the worst. As the video progresses, the reality of RNA’s words becomes clearer. Without giving too much away I'll say that RNA definitely has some well-crafted rhymes in this song that are used to paint a perfect picture of a world that is lead by a deceptive government  filling our minds with propaganda and perhaps a world that we may very well live in now. Did you catch that   these bars are definitely well worth a second- or third listen.

          Like something out of a sick Rob Zombie Film, this video is definitely something from my nightmares. From start to finish there is an eerie feeling attached. It ends with a gory scene and leaves you with an uneasiness- that makes you want to watch it again, if not just to hear the track.

          The video is produced in high quality  and simply looks awesome. 
The story-line in the video seems to follow the progression of the song. This music video itself asks you to consider the illusory nature of control. The costumes and make-up are done well. I especially love RNA as a Psycho Uncle Sam. The lighting and camera tricks are really well-captured and the editing is on point. This is a dope video, keep 'em coming RNA! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

-Scotty Vile