Monday, August 24, 2015

Windy City Soul - Taking a Listen to Brandon James ♫♫

Brandon James is an impressive singer with an excellent soulful sound and stylistic approach. This talent tackles funky smooth jazz/rock & soul instrumentals with powerful vocals in a varied range of tones. With a steady baritone, James rides his soul-soothing bass lines with intense vocals that dig right in. At high moments you’ll hear him breaking into delicate falsettos.

He describes his sound as a mixture of Pop and Soul. For Brandon, music is more than a passion; it is Brandon James life and has been his dream since he realized his ability to sing at a young age. Seeking to learn music on all levels Brandon James attended Columbia College Chicago where he earned a degree in music performance & business. It was also an amazing moment in 2009 when the young gifted artist got the chance to perform with the legendary band Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Brandon’s Soulfully Divine EP Features a fantastic band. For any fan of Soul, Jazz, or Experimental Rock, this is definitely worth a listen. Accompanied by a noteworthy rhythm section, this band features a very talented lead guitarist and the pitch ­perfect vocal stylings of Brandon James. Various instruments were used in the production, from horns to keys and wooden flutes to other new­age experimental sounds and samples. This album, along with all James' songs come with a smooth sound and powerful energy that is very enjoyable whether you're looking to just relax or get ready for a night out.

Brandon’s craft fuses elements of old­school soul with tight jazz and classical rock and roll elements with hip­hop and R&B inspired sampling and new­age techniques that truly create an enjoyable sound. The vocals are enough on their own to truly bring one to a comfortable, exciting, yet peaceful state of mind and body, and that's exactly what we've been looking for.

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-Scotty V

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  1. Brandon has a sound that the culture of R&B/Hip Hop as been missing for a well. From the sound of his new single "Do you feel me" I can tell that the soultry in his music resonates from a very personal place. As a fellow musician and advocate for the forward move of today's R&B, I still appreciate where the foundation of R&B soul started. Brandon James is definitely a new sound with a old soul that needs to be heard in today's culture of music.

  2. Excellent song. Brandon's voice is so smooth sounding.