Monday, September 28, 2015

Lola De Hanna: New York City's Underground Talent

Lola De Hanna, a New York City local Indie-Pop singer/songwriter, has hit the music scene with her latest album release titled "The Other Side". If this is your first time hearing of this up and coming artist then get ready. She has shown herself to be an exciting, muli-talented songwriter with lots of drive and passion. Her music evokes a sense of experience with the soul of the world flowing through her and her lyrics. Each track reflects the turns of her life. 

Born and raised in Greece, Lola came to New York City to study psychology. Her passion had always been for music and soon after, she began to chase the dream of writing, recording and performing music. Lola has written for TV through Dembiak Productions and had the song "It's not easy" chosen for a motorcycle ad in Belgium. A children's show in Australia also featured the song. 

Not just a singer and writer but a wonderful performer too. Lola has played at the Punk Island Festival and opened for Bile and Starkiller accompanied by her talented band at the rock gator radio showcase.  In 2011 Lola De Hanna collaborated with sugar puppies to produce and release "Looking for something" which received radio play in Europe. Lola De Hanna is an musical artist for our time. 

Her debut album titled "The Other Side" was just released February 3rd, 2015 and promises to be the start of a great musical career. Featuring the song, "A knack for these", which received critical acclaim by Reverbnation reviewers. Her album has six songs to delight you and keep you listening. My personal favorite, "Thin air", is youthful with a shot of life experience. Lola'a song "wings" shows how love can be bondage... maybe in a good way? With world and ethnic threads running through out, this Indie-Pop artist is worth a taking a listen. 

-Daniel M

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  1. This album is awesome. I really liked Wings. Thanks for putting me on to this