Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why You Should Never Buy [Fake] Soundcloud Plays

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Today I want to talk about the concept of buying plays for your Soundcloud tracks. I'm sure everyone is aware of the 1000s of websites out there willing to sell you fake plays. While this idea may seem tempting to some, there are a ton of reasons why doing this could actually be HARMFUL to your career and reputation....

How It Effects Your Appearance

This is a good place to start. Having a ton of plays can make you look popular, create a sense of curiosity and interest, and can help boost your ranking. However most people can tell when stats have been manipulated. An experienced industry professional can easily spot a user who has over inflated their track plays with a quick glance at the stats.
This is usually because of the huge discrepancy between the track plays and the number of likes, reshares, and comments (engagements) on the track. This kind of effect does not look good for any artist.

Check out the picture below. This track received 91k plays but only has a few engagements from the listeners. The ratio of likes, comments, and reshares is less than 2% of the total number of track plays. If these plays are to be presumed real, then one might also assume that the track is not appealing. And if a label or publisher were to consider this artist for some kind of deal, they might think twice about it after seeing these stats. 

One thing labels wants to see more than anything is track engagements. Including how you engage with your fans. Plays are not as important as likes or comments. Interations with your music shows the true popularity of an artist. 

Fake Plays Are Worthless

Fake plays are used 100% for looks and indie artists aren't the only ones guilty of inflating their stats or followers. After doing some digging I noticed that a lot of mainstream artists on Soundcloud also have suspicious looking stats and a ton of fake followers. The idea that if something appears popular it will draw in popularity is nothing new but if you’re trying to boost your stats to look bigger than you really are, just remember that there is no one on the other end of that empty statistic. There is no chance they will share your music and fake listeners certainly aren't buying your latest releases. 

Quality is always better than quantity and its much better to have 500 real, engaging listeners than 50,000 disengaged (or fraudulent) listeners.

Red Flags

When looking for real promotion beware of anyone who promises to get you a specific number of plays in a short amount of time. Nothing occurs overnight and if it seems too good to be true, it just might be. Most companies are able to estimate their results based on their past work but if they say they will get you 100,000 plays in two days, its probably fake. Always ask what their methods are and what they base their estimation on.

Organic Alternatives

A quick google search can turn up 100s of website where you can upload your own music. Even some sites that are integrated with Soundcloud which allows you to raise your stats naturally and without cost. ToneDen is a really good site for doing just this. Daily promo and direct person to person networking is a great way to get listeners and feedback on your music too.

If you don't have the time to search for these sites and set up 100s of accounts and network with users, you can always connect with a promotion group that already has these accounts ready and is actively sharing music there (such as TWT Music). Music promotion is perfectly fine to pay for so long as the company offers a way to get your music in front of new potential fans. If a larger SoundCloud channel sells re-posts on their page, it's ok to buy (if reasonably priced). Just remember that there are better ways to spend your marketing budget.

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