Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Koniac Net: Indie Rock from India

The Koniac Net has set their place in 'cool' with the song Anesthetic & the Withdrawal, a track that washes you over with a tonic of upward and happy phrases and melodies, then pulls you back with a sullen lyric.  This song has a sound of it's own combining musical phrase with lyrics that tell a story of losing control and being alone. We all go through the trial and addiction of emotional and physical love that is unrequited. It is a passage of life. The Koniac Net draws this scenario well.

David Abraham, the founder and soul musician on the debut album "One Last Monsoon", hails from India. The album "One Last Monsoon" was conceived and performed By David Abraham alone. After receiving numerous requests to tour internationally, The Koniac Net went from a one man project to a five piece band. Originally recorded in his bed room, the music that he created has gotten accolades from VH1's sound nation award's Best Rock Act. They were also featured in GQ Magazine back in 2013. David and his band members were voted Best original band Mumbai 2012 by Converse and Rolling Stone Magazine India. His credits go on to include 10 out of 10 album review rating by Dublin's U&I music magazine.  four songs were used by Vogue India for their fashion week, Delhi.

The Konaic Net sends you into a trance with a wash of electric guitars and a pulsing beat that blends together the sounds of earth and space. David Abraham's sound shows the influence of India and it's culture. A rich fabric of subtle threads that blends and explodes into a feast of rock heaven. Some believe that we come into this world with the talents that we had in a previous life. David Abraham did not forget to bring his knowledge of life and music with him this time around and I am thankful for it... Namaste

Daniel M

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  1. Dope artist! Anesthetic & the Withdrawal is my new favorite

    1. Wow, thanks so much Marie! I had actually written that song as a personal tribute to the band SWERVEDRIVER." So, your words mean a lot! - David Abraham / the Koniac Net