Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Hypno - Future (Official Music Video)

The Hypno is an electropop/progressive rock band, formed in 2013, by Jeremy North and Mark Nicollette. The name “Hypno” was inspired by the term somnology or hypnology, which represents a branch of medicine concerned with the study of sleep. Their music is influenced by a wide range of bands, including A-HA, Muse, Whitesnake and Queen.
Currently there is one unpublished album by The Hypno, that is searching for a publisher. The band hopes that their performances and shared materials will better their connection with listeners and A&R agencies.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Victoria Watts - A Thousand Miles Between (Official Music Video)

Victoria Watts, like a good decanter of whiskey, has stood the test of time. Her song a thousand miles between shows the maturity that comes with a good long journey. A love lost song that asks the question, "can you save me"? A subject that has stood the test of time. With Victoria's soaring vocals and harmonies, she has shown that even a subject that has been well visited many times can be brought to new heights. Victoria commands the stage as the front woman in her four piece band. There is no doubt that you are watching a leader upon the stage as Victoria takes a confidant stance. There is no mistake Victoria Watts is the one to watch out for in the coming months and years.