Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Hypno - Future (Official Music Video)

The Hypno is an electropop/progressive rock band, formed in 2013, by Jeremy North and Mark Nicollette. The name “Hypno” was inspired by the term somnology or hypnology, which represents a branch of medicine concerned with the study of sleep. Their music is influenced by a wide range of bands, including A-HA, Muse, Whitesnake and Queen.
Currently there is one unpublished album by The Hypno, that is searching for a publisher. The band hopes that their performances and shared materials will better their connection with listeners and A&R agencies.

The band was formed in 2013 by Jeremy North (lead vocals) and Mark Nicollette (guitar). After multitudinous changes of names, the band chose a medical term “hypnology” and shorted that to “Hypno”.  The name is primarily associated with the band’s sound, their tunefulness and even immersion in the atmosphere of music. These effects have sprung up owing to Mark’s music materials as well as Jeremy‘s experience, which he had got in various jazz and academic schools. Mark and Jeremy‘s passion for modern and neoclassical music influences the sound of their compositions; a combination of simplicity and pomposity is one of the most important element of their music and it helps to appeal to people with a variety of musical tastes.
Shortly afterwards the band met Samuel Zed (bass) through social networking websites on the wave of the general interests.

Check out the music video for their hit song "Future", one of my personal favorites by this act. And don't forget to support them.

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