Monday, November 9, 2015

Victoria Watts - A Thousand Miles Between (Official Music Video)

Victoria Watts, like a good decanter of whiskey, has stood the test of time. Her song a thousand miles between shows the maturity that comes with a good long journey. A love lost song that asks the question, "can you save me"? A subject that has stood the test of time. With Victoria's soaring vocals and harmonies, she has shown that even a subject that has been well visited many times can be brought to new heights. Victoria commands the stage as the front woman in her four piece band. There is no doubt that you are watching a leader upon the stage as Victoria takes a confidant stance. There is no mistake Victoria Watts is the one to watch out for in the coming months and years.

A California girl, Victoria was born in San Diego. Her family being musical was a great influence on her. She wasted no time in developing her talents and pushing through the hard times to get to where she is today. Life took Victoria around the world and throughout the United States. This travel had a profound influence on her musical development. Time and travel is reflected in Victoria's songs. 

She was schooled at the contemporary music center on the east coast. This, an invitation only artist colony, is where Victoria further developed her skill in performance, studio work and song writing. She spent a short time in Nashville and now is a full time musician in Philadelphia. A solo artist at heart, Victoria is the front woman and multi-instrumentalist in the band Element K. Reverbnation put her at the top of the charts and she was one of Rock On Philly Magazine's finalists for artist of the year. Also featured on Radio 1045 and WSTW 93.7 and many pod cast as well as publications.

Victoria's official videos are top drawer with professional production and sound. Victoria Watts could sing on the street and be noticed as one of the best singer songwriters on the scene right now and for the foreseeable future. Victoria is a force to be experienced with your eyes wide open and your ears lighting on every note. Thanks for the music Victoria and keep on rockin'!

-Daniel M