Monday, December 28, 2015

Album Review: Statistic by Edidion [HipHop]

There are many great names in world of HipHop but none stands out more to me right now than Edidion. Edidion is an upcoming singer/songwriter, dancer, actor and producer who has an unmatched drive to become the best entertainer and musician he can be. After listening to his debut release titled “Statistic”, I know nothing could be more true. This 8-track album illustrates his many amazing talents and abilities, in just under 30min.

Edidion is not new to HipHop music scene. In fact he has been featured in many print and online magazines. He has also been on the front cover of: Hip Hop Weekly, Mr Dreamz Mag, Young Celebrity News, BWD Magazine, Starcentral Magazine, Alwayz Therro, WWD Mag, FlavourMag, Skope Magazine, Stardom 101, Music Connectz Magazine, Virtuoso Sounds and Jampshere Magazine to name a few.

And thats not all, Edidion has been featured in popular mixtapes such as : 'DJ Smokey Bear Presents: Streets Is Talkin Vol.10 Hosted By Whyl Chyl' , 'Young Money Unsign Hype Volume 2' and 'DJ Ames Presents: International Hustle Unsigned Edition Vol 4'. He had his television debut on BEN Television’s “Lifestyle On Ben” in 2013, that same year he scored a 2 year endorsement deal with “Nutz Audio”.

"Statistic" is the latest release by this up and coming young artist and it might be one of the best albums to come my way in the past couple months. My favorite song on the album is (#2) “Come With Me”. First the instrumental grabs you and pulls you in with a high level of curiosity. Then Edidion comes in with lyrics and a flow that hit you hard right in the gut. Lyrically this song is a well crafted master piece, touching on the hard times in life but with an inspirational and uplifting twist. The entire song is full of elevating one liners reminding us that we are in control of our own lives and we can change it any time. The song is 4min and 57sec of pure wisdom, which is something I feel a lot of mainstream artists are lacking.

If I were to pick a second favorite, it would definitely be (#7) “Put In That Work” which really showcases Edidion’s skills as a singer. This one is a club banger with a trap music style (sort of) that really bumps those speakers. Lots of bass and energy to really keep the dance floor moving. Every track on this album is professionally produced giving it a high quality sound which makes the listening experience all that much better. If this is just the beginning then I cannot wait to hear whats coming next for Edidion. The album is FREE to download on bandcamp so add it to your collection today!

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