Thursday, December 10, 2015

3 Tips for Getting Your Music Into Video Games

At this moment, millions of people are playing video games around the world. What would these games be like without the essential element of music. The music that accompanies these games are a vital part of a player’s experience. Getting your music into the gaming entertainment market is great for any artist looking for some extra cash. Who knows, this might even change your career. Here are 3 tips to help get your music on video games.

1. Study The Material
With such a wide selection of video games, there must be a wide variation of theme music. For example, Grand Theft Auto uses rap songs while the Final Fantasy Series is heavily symphonic. Research what the developers are looking for before you start making a demo. Chances are you’ll find something that’s in your niche range.

2. Go For Mobile
Remember, when you think about game platforms, there are more options than console and PC. App stores are booming with mobile games for tablets and phones. Don’t pass up the opportunities in this market. There’s no shortage of developers working on the latest Clash of Clans – and they’re going to need music.

3. Half Music – Half Presentation
Before you even think about sending a demo, make sure it’s high quality. These tracks should sound like they’re ready to be used ASAP. Your chances of getting hired aren’t based on any kind of social media following nor does someone need much experience. Therefore, sounding professional is key. Don’t let a messy presentation ruin your chances.

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