Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mohammed Khider - Ya Ummati (O My Nation) [Official Video]

The hard facts are very clear – the vast majority of the world's Muslims are completely opposed to groups like ISIS and other radicals. To help raise awareness of this fact, One Essence Productions recently announced the release of their artist Mohammed Khider's new album “Unity”, a project completely devoted to opposing radicalism, ISIS and fellow travelers, through the strength and beauty of the true spirit of the Quran and Islam. Khider's work as a reciter of the Quran and Islamic Nasheeds has been very widely praised, along with the inspirational quality of both his character and his work. Khider has stated his profits from “Unity” will be donated to charity and relief groups across the United States.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Righ Knight FT. Martin Carlberg Full Christmas Album

Just in time for the holidays, here is a brand new take on Xmas classics. This New Epic Soundtrack is the work of hit DJ/Producer Righ Knight and famed composer Martin Carlberg! The Christmas album features classics like Jingle Bells plus a cadre of new songs that will have you singing along! A great album for long car trips, on the plane, and when you want to drown out the Mariah Carey blasting at the mall.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Amery Rey Tuesta Upcoming Album Release "LatinoAmeryca"

Luis Antonio Amery Rey Tuesta (January 10, 1980) the son of Dora Celedonia Tuesta Da Cruz and Melchor Herbert Dolmos Castro. His parents are both from Peru. Luis's father is a professor in the national university of Ucayali, and his mother is a Housewife.

Luis A. Amery Rey Tuesta Is a Peruvian soloist classical guitar, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and sound engineer. His music integrates a wide variety of styles, including funk, rock, metal, punk, blues, rap, Latin, soul, psychedelic, and pop.
Luis Antonio is most known by the name of "Amery" and only his family called him Luis or Lucho. He is born in Pucallpa and developed an interest in music as a young child. At the age of 17 he started to compose solo guitar pieces like: Demequi, The Memories Of Radharani and more compositions for solo guitar. At the same age he started a band with some friends playing the bas songs cover from Nirvana. Concerts experiences as a soloist classical guitar, electric guitarist and bassist began when he was 18 years old.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chill Beats by Elijah

19 year old Los Angeles producer Elijah continues releasing wave of songs on recent SoundCloud posts

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sean McMorris – Sweet Sarah Ruth [Video]

Sean McMorris started life as the left-handed child of an American single mother in Paris, France. Music cast a spell early on, under the auspices of Elvis Presley, his very first idol. When offered a dollar for his rendition of "All Shook Up," five-year-old Sean balked; a few years later, he got a taste of his own medicine, when he took up singing and piano lessons with an honest-to-God nun who refused to indulge in frivolities such as McCartney’s “Fool on The Hill” despite countless pleas. All these ironies might or might not have escaped him when he picked up a pair of drumsticks and learned to roll with bebop legend Kenny Clark. Once the borrowed piano in his bedroom was returned to its rightful owner, Sean turned to his mother's neglected nylon string guitar to quench his thirst for harmony.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

B Jenkins - Borrowed Time

bjenkinsB Jenkins celebrates life and faith with “Borrowed Time”. Flows are immaculate throughout as B Jenkins rides the beat with true style. Highly articulate these songs explore many of the issues that define the world today, of those willing to help each other, to work together to try and create something better. Arrangements nicely merge elements of electro, dance, and hip hop with a real ear for deeply effective sampling.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

StarrBux - Brooklyn Flow [Video]


The Brooklyn Native StarrBux is back with another crazy record and this time he's got the whole Borough on his back in his new video "Brooklyn Flow",many people may not know about StarrBux but if you do your homework you will realize how underrated he really is. Dope Lyrics, amazing energy and throughout his career being the underdog he still manages to put out Quality music. Without a doubt New York is breeding some incredible talent.

Instagram: @StarrBux_
Twitter: @StarrBux

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ronnie Lott Releases "Nothing Is Forever" LP

IMG_1887The latest Full Length release by Ronnie Lott, “Nothing Is Forever”, Fuses Hip-Hop & R&B with EDM & Rock to Create an Original Sound SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, August 24 - 24 year-old San Antonio, Texas native Ronnie Lott is gearing up for the release of his third full-length album “Nothing Is Forever” on August 26th via SoundCloud and with it hopes to further cement himself as a force to be reckoned with on the urban music circuit.

The project fuses together the genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM and Rock in a non-abrasive way that creates an original, yet at the same time familiar sound. Ronnie teamed up with J-Nice, a producer out of Denver, CO, to help create the cutting-edge sound on “Nothing Is Forever”.

Emerging Artist Rich Rose on Soundcloud

rich roze22

"Rich Roze is an upcoming artist & songwriter from a city on the west coast of Florida called "Seminole." He was born in Queens, New York but raised mainly in Florida. Rich delivers deep, heart-felt & cold lyrics on top of the instrumentals he chooses to record on. His love for music is ever lasting & nothing makes him more happier than when he connects and engages with an audience. Some of the successful artists that he has found as inspiration are Tupac, Eminem, Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy. He is ready to navigate the ever changing music business and achieve all goals and conquer all obstacles in his path as an artist & a song-writer."

Friday, September 2, 2016

Indie Rock Band "Convey" Releases Video for Single

New music coming at ya by Convey. Convey is an alternative rock band based out of Los Angeles. "Speed Dial" is the band's first music video. Most of the footage was shot near Joshua Tree, California -Directed by Ed Shiers.

Please share!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Amazing Cover's by Olivia Wallace

OLIVIA ROSE WALLACE is an American singer/songwriter born and raised in a town outside of Flint Michigan. Her mother Nicole (Bowers) was born in Canada and a daughter to Guyanese immigrants.  Her Father Michael Wallace, born in America and son of Irish/Italian immigrants.  Olivia is known for her Angelic high notes and soulful jazzy lows, with an accent that can’t be placed. Often she performs with her eyes closed and you can hear the emotion in her songs. Since first debuting covers on Soundcloud, she has been approached by numerous trap, hip hop and rap artists for song collaborations (which would be seem to be a perfect vocal marriage). Currently Olivia is working on her upcoming EP which she promises to be a reflection of her true self, stating “I’m keeping it chill, relaxed and heartfelt”.  One to follow for sure.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Genesis7 – The Emergence [Album Review]

Opting for a dark kind of beauty is the mysterious work of Genesis7’s “The Emergence”. Full of shadows, layers of distant samples, and a laid-back articulate flow, Genesis7 creates carefully crafted atmospheres. Woven together the songs work together ever so effortlessly. With a jazzy sensibility and a chilled out vibe, the production values feel reminiscent of the loose stylistic choices of Flying Lotus. Throughout it all it is the thoughtful reflections on life that serve as the heart and center of the album.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

MajorMinorKeyz Releases His New Album 'GibbousThisDay' [Free DL]

Intricate arrangements, impeccable flow, and cinematic flair define the incredible “GibbousThisDay” showing Major Minor Keyz to be a deft producer. Stylistically varied Major Minor Keyz successfully merges elements of hip-hop, classical, jazz, lounge, and electronica. By far the heart of the entire sound is the expressive nimble piano from which the rest of the sound comes into full bloom. Full of a great deal of color Major Minor Keyz lets his songs expand, resulting in luxurious seas of sound. Nicely tying everything together is a late-night atmospheric vibe that dominates over the course of the entire collection. Thematically consistent Major Minor Keyz lets the songs bounce off of each other, creating a great variety of twists and turns.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Check Out Die IV Ty's Latest EP [Hiphop]

DIE IV TY (Die for ty) is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist born in  El Paso, TX and raised in Albany,NY, The NYS Capital.

DIE IV TY Debut EP "BE HUMBLE" can be found on TIDAL , APPLE MUSIC , iTunes Spotify Google PLAY Soundcloud

It is Evident that this name warrants immediate explanation.

DIE IV TY's 2nd EP R1 R2 L1 L2 (Left Down Right Up) x2
now available on iiTunes/Applemusic, Spotify,Google Play
Is a Rapid-speed assortment of the thoughts and emotions trapped in the mind of an individual of whom most would considered to be paranoid, expressed through song.
In his mind, his on life is similar to the video game "GTA" in the way that he feels as if people are after him and that anything could happen at any time.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gana - Daylight [Single]

Mars Gana is the sole producer of her records. She performs every instrument, designs every sound, sings every vocal, mixes, masters, engineers, and produced her own album from the ground up.

Daylight is a song about fighting through the mundane everyday of a 9-5 to really have an opportunity to grasp your dreams, and “break free.”

Learn More:

Friday, July 29, 2016

Zoned and Jay Live - This Side Up EP Reveiw


Jersey rappers Zoned & Jay Live have just put out their new EP "This Side Up" on soundcloud. This Side Up features excellent rappin' on some real hard hitting beats all of which are produced by Zoned. With just 4 tracks, this short, simple, and entertaining EP will keep you replaying it over and over.

Zoned & Jay Live have created a compelling, deep, dark swirl of sound on the future classic “This Side Up” EP. Heavy, hard-hitting beats and astonishing low-end bass rumbles keep the entire collection nicely anchored. Their flow could not be better as it creates a deeply compelling narrative, with each song offering a slightly different snapshot of a life. Woven together the songs play off of each other. Best taken in as a whole these are songs that virtually demand to be played as loud as possible. Volume is a must for their attention to detail is undeniable as is their inherent catchiness.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Interview with Dj Sultan

Dj Sultan is a DJ / Songwriter / Producer that has been playing for crowds all over the world, with a border-smashing style, blending hard beats, world rhythms, and great melodies to keep the world dancing.
He currently has 2 projects in production – one a collection of dance/electro pop songs, and the other a Caribbean/Electro Pop / Latin Crossover project, featuring some of the biggest names is caribbean/reggae/reggaeton.

The first single from this Project features Jamaican Superstar ELEPHANT MAN – titled “HIPS SING”, which is available now at all digital retailers.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interview with Caellus & Camulus

The record label, World of Caellus, was borne from a passion for pursuing the dark, fantasy elements to science fiction that coincide with the world as we know it. The story chapter that will simultaneously be released alongside the album is a monthly e-magazine with monthly-published chapters.

Recently releasing "Genesis", a Trance music album containing 15 instrumental songs, one of them being a Downtempo track, and another being a Big Room / Progressive House track. The majority of the journey, however, takes place in a smooth, spine-chilling progression of Trance tracks from start to finish.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mountain of Youth – Thinkin’ Bout Love Ft. The Night VI & Jay Z

Mountain Of Youth is the vision of EDM veteran, Liam Shy (San Francisco). Liam started DJ’ing on Vinyl back in 2000 and was lucky enough to connect early on in his career with DJ Lorin, who would later become the legendary Bassnectar. After working with Lorin from 2001-2003 Liam spent the next few years traveling the world as a Psychedelic Trance DJ and Producer.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Interview with Greek composer Sakis Gouzonis

Sakis Gouzonis is an independent electronic music composer from Greece. Since 2008, Sakis Gouzonis has released nine instrumental electronic music albums; First Contact (2008), New Earth (2009), The Tree Of Life (2010), Ultimate Love (2011), Vast Victory (2012), Spiritual Unity (2013), Golden Heart (2014), A World At Peace (2015) and Liberating Truth (2016).

For his high-quality music, Sakis Gouzonis has received several prominent awards and distinctions, some of which are: 1st Prize in the International Composition Competition 2010 for his music tracks Seed Of Hope and Eternal Peace, a Semi-Finalist Award in the UK Songwriting Contest 2010 for his music tracks Eternal Peace and Elegy, 2nd Prize in the International Composition Competition 2009 for his music track Elohim, and 1st Prize in the 2nd Meeting of Music & Poetry 2009 for his second album titled New Earth.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Release by Ant Vibe 'Pupil Music EP'

Anthony Siracusa (born October 8, 1993), better known by his stage name Ant Vibe, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer from Blackwood, New Jersey. His debut album with AGF, “Pupil Music EP” was released on May 15, 2016, and has already received positive reviews from critics. Keep an eye out for Vibe, as he has his debut full length album with a major feature from Tory Lanez coming out late this summer.

KBH - Feel This Way

Music by 19 year old Australian rapper, KBH. This writer and lyricist from Darwin NT Australia is influenced by Eminem, Nas, Biggie.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Interview with Lua Proc

Paul Harris: Stage Name “Lua Proc” is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist/Producer and CEO based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Lua is an amazing recording artist/producer who has had a love for music since he was a young and now this passion has become reality. Lua Proc, will be performing live all over the country this year and currently has several upcoming shows lined-up for 2016-17. The multi-talented Emcee just recently released his newest single, “FLEXXIN” which dropped this April 2016. In addition to working on original music for his upcoming album, ”Fish Tailing “ Lua Proc is also in the works with collaborating with some big names in the music and production business.  

Proc has a keen sense of raw talent and an elevated level of professionalism. When he’s not in the studio mixing and recording, he’s in the board room brokering deals and initiating plans for his team’s future. Many of Lua Proc’s fans and several journalist consider his style to be refreshing and very catchy.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Interview with Cellist Christopher Bell

Cellist Christopher Bell's eight album, Rust, takes after its namesake; eschewing the pop sheen of his last two albums in favor of a dirtier, raw sound from his cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning" to the Time Waits sounding "Sea of Women"

Apart from being a musician, bell is also a mastering engineer and runs the booking service He's been featured in on NPR, in The New York Times, New York Post, and on the CBS Evening News for using unique modes of transportation on tour.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bigmouthben - Act Like It (Official Video)

Benjamin “BigMouthBen” Graham, is no stranger to the struggle. After 20 years of drug abuse, stints of homelessness under the Auburn Avenue & Fort Street Bridge, and multiple arrest, Benjamin Graham decided enough was enough. He was ready to turn his life around.  He left the drugs behind and started moving forward.  Less than a year after his last arrest, he revived his business, Profitable Publishing Company and has been doing what he can to inspire the lives of everyone he meets.  Ben truly believes that love can change the world and he is here to prove it! He hopes to encourage and motivate his listeners with each inspirational songs.

His love for music has lasted for over 30 years. Benjamin began playing classical music on the string bass at the age of 12 and the trombone at the age of 15. He did not stop there he moved on to writing and performing rap songs as a teen. Ben took his love of music to University of Georgia where he majored in journalism and made a name for himself as a DJ for the college radio station as well as the neighborhood parties. He also opened up for the popular group De La Soul.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This week's Interview with Pop/Soul Artist Dan McLean Jr

Dan McLean Jr has one of the most powerful yet nuanced voices you will ever hear.  The Toronto-based singer singer/songwriter exudes an emotional intensity which is directly fed by his love for Soul music, and both his new recordings and Dan’s live shows are engaging.
Dan has re-united with old friends & musical partners Dave Dunlop (producer, co-writer) and Executive Producer Greg Wells (Adele, Mayer Hawthorne, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Rufus Wainwright, Theophilus London, Mika, Timbaland, OneRepublic, Deftones, Pink, Kid Cudi, Burt Bacharach, kd Lang, Sir George Martin, and the Count Basie Orchestra).

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SIR SPITS - What you gon' do ft Deemo (Underground Hip Hop 2016)

If you're looking for hip hop music that focuses on lyrical content, Sir Spits is the artist you need to hear. Sir Spits is resurrecting hip hop in his recent 2016 album release titled "Hip Hop". He is also founder and host of the critically acclaimed HIP HOP movement,podcast and label known as The Dojo, which collaborates and showcases the finest underground HIP HOP talent out there.

Elevare Empire Releases the EEM Party Quad

Elevare Empire is back with a fresh new album titled "The EEM Party Quad". Following his release, Elevare has dropped three new videos. In basic origin and definition the word "Elevare" is Italian for Elevate and "Empire“  is English for strong group . These two terms not only form the name but also sum up the make up and principal purpose of The Elevare Empire.

The Elevare Empire was established in the magnanimous year of 2014 in Atlanta, Ga. As oppose to the normal static band/group setup, Elevare Empire functions more as an audio visual museum of featured vocalists, musicians,  and visual artists curated and coordinated by DJ Nomihodai.  Elevare Empire’s true membership is infinite consisting of the millions of creatives all across the world .  All are welcome to contribute and interpret under the condition  the contribution and interpretation elevates the creation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

7 Ways To Quickly Grow Your Youtube Subscribers

With any social media platform, followers are vital to building a loyal fan base. In addition, YouTube states that subscribers tend to watch twice as much video as compared to other users. However, not every viewer will subscribe to your channel. Using these effective strategies could help you convert YouTube users into your channel’s subscribers.

Below are 7 great ways to attract the first 1000 subscribers to your channel:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our latest Interview with Kinderjazz

Kinderjazz is a 12 piece fully acoustic swing orchestra, featuring some of the best musicians in Australia. They have opened Manly Jazz Festival in 1998, and since then, have performed at the Sydney Opera House, Daring Harbour, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Parramatta Stadium, to more than 10,000 families, Carols in the Domain 2000 on Channel 7, Stadium Australia and many major venues around Australia.

Whether you're looking for ways to stimulate a developing young mind, you'd like to introduce children to the pleasures of music, or you just want your kids to have FUN, you'll find Kinderjazz’s collection of blues, latin, ragtime, jazz, and swing music is perfect for girls and boys under the age of 12.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Week's Interview with Matt Rouch

Hailing from Virginia and growing up near Washington, D.C., Matt Rouch has now landed in Denver, CO and is diligently working his way into the music scene. A long-time member of several bands on the east coast, Matt is taking on a new challenge - performing solo as a folk and country singer,

"I think entertaining and captivating an entire room solo is one of the most difficult things to do in music."

Matt's style is a blend of new and old, listing contemporary acts such as The Decemberists, The Tallest Man on Earth, Iron and Wine, and The Milk Carton Kids as major influences, he still draws upon well of the golden age of country for inspiration from artists like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Conway Twitty. Matt's music is dynamic, he can enthrall a crowd with passionate soaring vocals with a loud twangy country number, then mellow things out with a quiet intimate folk song.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Interview with Indie Rock Band "Who What Where"

Formed in Indianapolis in 2012 by singer/songwriter Ty Stuart, and multi-instrumentalist Isaac Hero. indie rock duo ‘College Dropouts’ made soulful, beat orientated, pop-rock tracks. Stuart and Hero initially began the project alone, but before long they added High School classmates Jeremy Snyder and Tyler Andrzejewski on rhythm guitar and drums to form a band.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Week's Interview With Carrie Lane of Honey Thief

Honey Thief' is an american folk music band lead by former solo artist, Carrie Lane. Carrie has toured the country and had great success as a Youtube sensation. Carrie is also signed to MSA LA.Carrie is the brain child behind Honey Thief and co-wrote the debut album Bad Idea with James Strazza. Honey Thief is inspired by the hit song The Honey thief by the band Hipsway, a popular group from Glasglow in the mid eighties. The lyrics read, "The light of deep regret Let me see what I don't get...Catch a thief, a honey thief".

Monday, March 7, 2016

This Week's Interview With HipHop Artist Ayron COE

Aaron Reynolds, more commonly known as Ayron COE, is Indiana’s rising hip hop MC. Hailing from the City of Elkhart (hence his stage name), Reynolds has already made the rounds in the hip hop scene, doing shows and winning awards. In a 2014 feature piece, Faygoluvers  hailed Reynolds’ energetic stage presence, describing him as “definitely having the entertainment portion of being a rapper down.” He has appeared on the MTV-sponsored Video TV and his hit single “Cold World” won a spot on the Coast to Coast Nationwide Mixtape Distribution alongside numerous radio stations and T.V. Stations.

Friday, March 4, 2016

3 Tips for Successful Video Promotion

Hi there! Wanted to share this with you. Below are 3 tips to help you get the most out of your Youtube Videos.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Interview with Stryker & MFT

Making many moves in this Colorado Hip Hop industry, Stryker & MFT invested much time and dedication into the music business. Opening up for over 40 Major artists in a short amount of time. They are the first Hip Hop/Rap group in the state of Colorado to collaborate on a song with Platinum Rap artist LiL Flip, Gold Selling Hip Hop group Do or Die, R&B singer Johny P. & Texas up-comer Lucky Luciano.

Monday, February 8, 2016

NOREiKA - At The Dark Side [Song Review]

Peter Noreika (NOREiKA) is a solo rock/folk music artist and songwriter coming from Akron, NY. Peter is no stranger to the rock music scene; Throughout the years he has been a guitarist for a number of Heavy Metal & Thrash bands. As the years went by Peter had to put his music career on hold in order to put the priorities of life first. That being his family and job. Coming close to giving up on his music career all together, Peter found a new inspiration, his four year old son, who reignited his passion. Since that day, he is back to composing and producing, this time all independent. Of all the songs on his Soundcloud profile, I enjoyed “At The Dark Side” most of all.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Billy Grima's "Sugar & Cream" Album Touches the Soul

It was not too long ago that we came across singer and songwriter Billy Grima. Billy Grima, an award-nominated musician, caught our attention with his heartwarming song and video "Picture Of You And Me". The song was an impeccable tribute to those men and women who serve in the military. This week we took a listen to the whole album titled "Sugar & Cream" and it was everything you would expect from such a talented singer.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Interview with Whitney Vandell of One Girl Symphony

This week we had the pleasure of doing an interview with Whitney Vandell, a young musical prodigy from Ethiopia, who was adopted at the age of two by an American missionary and music teacher. After pushing the limits of home recording as far as she could, Whitney reached out to the violinist William Stewart on an Internet forum to help her complete her Symphony. The result after a year of bouncing tracks between each other is a collection of tracks that defy categorization into any genre or performance style while seamlessly blending everything from classical, rock, hip-hop, and the blues to folk music.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do You Want To Mower? Artist Review [Rock Music]

If you are a fan of alternative rock music and bands such as ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ and ‘the White Stripes’, then we highly recommend that you take a moment and check out Mower. Mower is a fresh new alternative rock band coming out of Germany. Their music is classified as “Alternative Stoner Rock”. They currently have two tracks out, “Red Liz” and “There She Goes”. Each track possesses rock vibes which bring to mind the work of Chris Cornell (Audioslave).

Monday, January 25, 2016

SOUNDSTREAM - Maximum Drive [Album Review]

The latest artists to come our way, an Ukrainian electronic music group that goes by the name SOUNDSTREAM. The latest album release by this group is a 2015 release called Maximum Drive. The album is 16 epic tracks of pure techno goodness. The elements which make up this album are very reminiscent of the electronic music of the late 90s - early 2000s. Each track on this album is a high energy dance experience made for the club scene. Each song is a unique masterpiece and at times I feel there is some psytrance influences lurking in there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shining Force [Artist Review]

When it comes to heavy metal, it’s difficult not to envision incomprehensible, devilish sounding lyrics and something out of a Rob Zombie film, but the latest band to come our way is a group who calls themselves “Shining Force”, and they are not your typical metal band. Shining Force is no stranger to the Christian metal scene. The come straight our of Pasadena, Texas. Now “Christian Metal” is not a genre I regularly listen to but I have to give credit where credit is due. These guys were able to grab and hold my attention with well crafted riffs and solos in every song, reminding me of artists such as God Forbid, Judas Priest, and Devil Driver. Randy Dickey’s vocals sound much like that of Bruce Dickinson (vocalist of Iron Maiden). These guys need no introduction but lets talk a little about how Shining Force came to be.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Johnny Jabbour "BAMF" [Album Review]

Rocks come crashing down on your heads and then are levitated as by magic. This is what it is like to experience Johnny Jabbour's music. The man can rocket to the moon or float on the ocean on a calm day.  All of his music is clever and smart with layers of sound and rhythm that lead you down a path owned by Johnny.

Johnny's music is powerful and commands your full attention. The attention given to his emotions in his song "Where U Go" puts the listener on the defensive. You find your self rooting for the singer as he is losing the one he loves. In " I'm going to miss you" he declares. " Always sing my song" "It is a part of me, take it".  The listener understand that if she takes his song she will always be with him. The music is soft with a rock edge.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

David Serero - All My Love Is for You [Album Review]

Broadway Performer, Singer-Songwriter, and Producer, David Serero has just released his latest album and we had the opportunity to check it out for you. This album, titled “All My Love Is For You”, is a solid ten tracks, entirely self composed by David Serero himself. Each song is 100% written, performed and produced by this multi-talented artist. The album contains a mixture of pop music and jazzy instrumentals with the vocals of a Broadway show. As the title of the album may lead on, each song is about David’s immense love for someone special.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Janna Pelle: Creativity with Every Key

Janna Pelle may have out done herself with her latest album, “Key Change”, a concept album taking all who listen on a trip though the evolution and history of the piano from harpsichord to synthesizer. Janna is a classically trained pianist and incredible DIY pop music singer/performer straight out of Brooklyn, New York. Her beautiful voice and incredible on-stage theatrics might just make her Brooklyn’s next big thing. Combining elements of rock, soul, and dance into her live performances, Janna has the potential to make some real big waves in alternative-pop scene, comparable to that of her influences, Fiona Apple and Lady Gaga.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Voices of Terror - Once Upon A Nightmare... [Album Review]

This week we got a chance to listen to and review the latest album by Alternative Rap duo ‘The Voices of Terror’. The album, which is properly titled “Once Upon A Nightmare”, is nothing short of pure originality and genius combined with a very eerie undertone that may give you goosebumps while listening. These hardcore beats heard though out this album are not for the faint of heart. If you have been looking for something that stands out from the crowd and really makes noise, this album is for you! Each track of the album is uniquely composed with instrumentals that include elements of HipHop, Rock, Metal, and Dubstep. The Voices of Terror meet each track with a high level of intensity comparable to that of Linkin Park or Hed PE.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A&L - Hot Mess Ft Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie [Music Video]

A&L is a fresh new act from Buffalo New York, created by two long time industry professionals/Musicians, Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie. Anthony Casuccio is a Grammy award nominated producer who has been featured in major music publications and his work has topped music charts. Lana is an award winning vocalist and long time force on the WNY music scene. She has also been a voice to many jingles on radio and television. Together they form a tenacious team influenced by iconic artists such as Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin, Oasis and The Beatles. Their style is rock and roll with a bit of a country vibe.