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Voices of Terror - Once Upon A Nightmare... [Album Review]

This week we got a chance to listen to and review the latest album by Alternative Rap duo ‘The Voices of Terror’. The album, which is properly titled “Once Upon A Nightmare”, is nothing short of pure originality and genius combined with a very eerie undertone that may give you goosebumps while listening. These hardcore beats heard though out this album are not for the faint of heart. If you have been looking for something that stands out from the crowd and really makes noise, this album is for you! Each track of the album is uniquely composed with instrumentals that include elements of HipHop, Rock, Metal, and Dubstep. The Voices of Terror meet each track with a high level of intensity comparable to that of Linkin Park or Hed PE.

So who exactly are these fresh artists on the scene? Well, The Voices of Terror are an Alternative Hip-Hop duo from Deptford, New Jersey. The members consist of Mike Walker and “Zero”. Together these two create, write, produce, and record their own records. This guys are 100% independent on all levels. Their love for music came to them at a young age and remains their passion to this day. Its their determination with a strong desire to tell stories through their innovative sound that fuels The Voices of Terror into bringing creative energy and lyrical savvy to your ears. That along with a complete original take on the Hip-Hop genre. Dare I say, revolutionary?

The Voices of Terror are highly influenced by major artists such as DMX, Linkin Park, Jay-Z, and Disturbed and believe me, it comes out strong in their awesome music. Every track on this album brings forth very similar elements from these influences, especially Linkin Park. Their impressive beats lean very heavily on the side of rock music similar to that of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album but with more of a HipHop sound. Their lyrics go for the jugular as each line is well crafted and aimed at the current state of the underground HipHop scene. This combination is sure to resonate with those who enjoy rock music as much as rap music.

After going through the album, a few tracks really grabbed my attention and stood out. Right away the first track on the album, titled “No Beauty in the Beast”, is absolutely insane and should be repeated a couple times to really take it all in. As the first song on the album, it leaves no guessing as to how hardcore this album will be. The beat reminds me of something Excision would produce because it is heavy, dubby, and full of dark vibes that get your adrenaline pumping. Not something you would typically hear from a hiphop artist but its uniqueness is really what drew me into it and made me want to continue listening. They did a really good job at making it work with their flow too.

Lyrically “No Beauty in the Beast” packs a hard punch with a relentless flow matched by none. The Voices of Terror attack the underground rap scene thought this song and directly claim their seat at the throne. “The beast is unleashed, im ready to sink my teeth as I feast, right at the heart of the game.... The only thing left to do is swallow the rap game whole”. The amount of passion and force that is put into this track is a great way to get the album off to a good start. The track is just the beginning of the nightmare that is The Voices of Terror.

The fourth track of the album “Once Upon a Nightmare” has got to be my first favorite. The composure of this track, titled “Tale of the Outlaw”, is what really caught my interest. Starting off sounding like a priestly chant, then quickly bringing in an electronic synth with a sound that reminds me of something from The Prodigy, it really stands out from the rest of the music out there. The production quality on this, as well as all their tracks, is very high giving a nice well mixed and mastered listening experience. This track is 3 minuets and 29 seconds of raw, in your face energy.

The eighth track on the album, titled “Rise of The Wolves”, would be my number two. This is a heavy track from start to finish, with no cool down period.. Hardcore HipHop meets metal and they never sounded better. The track brings to my mind the music of Hed PE. The guitar parts work surprisingly well with their rap flow and add a nice bit of filler in between verses. “Rise of The Wolves” is well produced, mixed and mastered and sounds professionally done just like the rest.

The last track I want to mention, one you should certainly not overlook, is number ten. Titled Hip-Hop Necrosis, this track truly shows the talent of The Voices of Terror. The instrumental is much different from the rest on the album in that the beat is more experimental electronic. The song is all about the state of the current underground rap scene, which they believe is dying. The Voices of Terror are the self proclaimed leaders of the rap game to come, giving all the generic rappers “a lesson in how to rap right”. They vow to resurrect true HipHop with their passion and lyrical content.

Overall I really enjoyed listening to this album. The Voices of Terror definitely have a style that that is all their own. The combination of Rap and Rock fits their flow and lyrics well and at the same time opens them up to a greater audience. Will they be the change that is needed to bring life back into the rap game? This album might be just the beginning of something bigger to come and I can’t wait to hear what comes next from these guys. Go check the album for yourself and support these The Voices of Terror.

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  1. This album is dope. Great job, very heavy

  2. I really dig the rap/rock vibes. pretty cool incorporating electronic music into it too