Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do You Want To Mower? Artist Review [Rock Music]

If you are a fan of alternative rock music and bands such as ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ and ‘the White Stripes’, then we highly recommend that you take a moment and check out Mower. Mower is a fresh new alternative rock band coming out of Germany. Their music is classified as “Alternative Stoner Rock”. They currently have two tracks out, “Red Liz” and “There She Goes”. Each track possesses rock vibes which bring to mind the work of Chris Cornell (Audioslave).

Mower is made up of four members, Daniel Gadalla on Drums, Andreas Scholtz on Bass, Julian Hoffman on Guitar and Jeffery Eaglestone on Guitar and preforming vocals. They consider themselves an Alternative Stoner Rockband and are heavily influenced by bands, such as the Queens of the Stone Age, the Rival Sons, Blink-182, Rage Against the Machine, the Clash, Billy Talent, ZZ Top, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, and the like. Brand new to the music scene, the band was formed just last year. They are currently working on writing new songs as they search for gigs and opportunities to preform. The official Mower website is also in the works and will up and running soon.

My must hear song for all you alliterative rock fans is “Red Liz”. “Red Liz” is a high energy rock song which really shows the bands song writing talent. The vocal work on this track is excellent and it is catchy as hell. Mower certainly has a lot of potential and we can’t wait to see what comes next from these guys. This is one band to really keep an eye on. Go check them out.

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