Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Johnny Jabbour "BAMF" [Album Review]

Rocks come crashing down on your heads and then are levitated as by magic. This is what it is like to experience Johnny Jabbour's music. The man can rocket to the moon or float on the ocean on a calm day.  All of his music is clever and smart with layers of sound and rhythm that lead you down a path owned by Johnny.

Johnny's music is powerful and commands your full attention. The attention given to his emotions in his song "Where U Go" puts the listener on the defensive. You find your self rooting for the singer as he is losing the one he loves. In " I'm going to miss you" he declares. " Always sing my song" "It is a part of me, take it".  The listener understand that if she takes his song she will always be with him. The music is soft with a rock edge.

After floating on the ocean on a calm day you are thrown into a torrent of hard rock guitars. "Demon" is by contrast a hard slam to the ground. The love interest in the case is the Demon, taking what she want and doing who she wants. The singer can not control her. She traps her lover in her thighs. the singer has a love hate thing going on. The music is slammin and some times gives off a very metal vibe.

Johnny Jabbour in his own words is a blooming new musician in the pop and rock genres. Johnny does all of his own work including writing, recording producing and composing. All the songs on his first EP "The Addiction" in 2014 were comprehensively done by the man himself Johnny Jabbour. Soon after his first efforts "The Addiction", he produced his first album "BAMF" in June 2015. Johnny Jabbour has a clear vocal sound which is very understandable. There is no mistaking what he is saying. With clever writing and a well developed style of music  Johnny Jabbour will be soaring near your ears in years to come...

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