Monday, February 22, 2016

Interview with Stryker & MFT

Making many moves in this Colorado Hip Hop industry, Stryker & MFT invested much time and dedication into the music business. Opening up for over 40 Major artists in a short amount of time. They are the first Hip Hop/Rap group in the state of Colorado to collaborate on a song with Platinum Rap artist LiL Flip, Gold Selling Hip Hop group Do or Die, R&B singer Johny P. & Texas up-comer Lucky Luciano.

Monday, February 8, 2016

NOREiKA - At The Dark Side [Song Review]

Peter Noreika (NOREiKA) is a solo rock/folk music artist and songwriter coming from Akron, NY. Peter is no stranger to the rock music scene; Throughout the years he has been a guitarist for a number of Heavy Metal & Thrash bands. As the years went by Peter had to put his music career on hold in order to put the priorities of life first. That being his family and job. Coming close to giving up on his music career all together, Peter found a new inspiration, his four year old son, who reignited his passion. Since that day, he is back to composing and producing, this time all independent. Of all the songs on his Soundcloud profile, I enjoyed “At The Dark Side” most of all.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Billy Grima's "Sugar & Cream" Album Touches the Soul

It was not too long ago that we came across singer and songwriter Billy Grima. Billy Grima, an award-nominated musician, caught our attention with his heartwarming song and video "Picture Of You And Me". The song was an impeccable tribute to those men and women who serve in the military. This week we took a listen to the whole album titled "Sugar & Cream" and it was everything you would expect from such a talented singer.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Interview with Whitney Vandell of One Girl Symphony

This week we had the pleasure of doing an interview with Whitney Vandell, a young musical prodigy from Ethiopia, who was adopted at the age of two by an American missionary and music teacher. After pushing the limits of home recording as far as she could, Whitney reached out to the violinist William Stewart on an Internet forum to help her complete her Symphony. The result after a year of bouncing tracks between each other is a collection of tracks that defy categorization into any genre or performance style while seamlessly blending everything from classical, rock, hip-hop, and the blues to folk music.