Thursday, February 4, 2016

Billy Grima's "Sugar & Cream" Album Touches the Soul

It was not too long ago that we came across singer and songwriter Billy Grima. Billy Grima, an award-nominated musician, caught our attention with his heartwarming song and video "Picture Of You And Me". The song was an impeccable tribute to those men and women who serve in the military. This week we took a listen to the whole album titled "Sugar & Cream" and it was everything you would expect from such a talented singer.

Billy holds nothing back on this ten track pop-rock album. He takes his talent to new levels with songs such as "Pleasure to Have Met You", which is an upbeat rock song sounding similar to that of Journey. Then Billy is able to turn it around with songs like "I Miss You Baby" and "Picture Of You And Me" which have a more serious and emotional sound to them. Every song is sung perfectly and invokes a warm tingly feeling from the listener with every sincere word. Billy's vocal performance only further showcases his talents as a singer.

Billy was born in Blacktown, NSW Australia and began writing at a very young age. By the time his was 8 years old, Billy was singing in a church choir. At 15, Billy moved to Canada and settled in Toronto. His smooth and soulful sound has earned him comparisons to contemporaries Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and even Bruno Mars. His music is highly influenced by artists such as  Billy Joel, Journey, Sarah McClachlan, and Jason Mraz.

"Sugar & Cream" is an album worth listening to again and again. If you are a fan of music in the style of the major artists mentioned above, then you will enjoy Billy Grima. Sugar & Cream features a tasty blend of pop, rock, soul and Americana that is sure to draw in a lot of attention. The album has already received airplay on more than 100 AM/FM stations across North America and more than 500 stations around the world. Can't wait to hear what's next for this rising star.

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