Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elevare Empire Releases the EEM Party Quad

Elevare Empire is back with a fresh new album titled "The EEM Party Quad". Following his release, Elevare has dropped three new videos. In basic origin and definition the word "Elevare" is Italian for Elevate and "Empire“  is English for strong group . These two terms not only form the name but also sum up the make up and principal purpose of The Elevare Empire.

The Elevare Empire was established in the magnanimous year of 2014 in Atlanta, Ga. As oppose to the normal static band/group setup, Elevare Empire functions more as an audio visual museum of featured vocalists, musicians,  and visual artists curated and coordinated by DJ Nomihodai.  Elevare Empire’s true membership is infinite consisting of the millions of creatives all across the world .  All are welcome to contribute and interpret under the condition  the contribution and interpretation elevates the creation.

Elevare Empire's central ambition is to create lively entertaining and enjoyable songs and art.  Enabled by modern day technology, the world is now a studio and collaboration can now be done across the nation(s).  New Age technology now makes it possible for cool unique never done before creative combinations and mixtures.  In general Elevare Empire exhibitions focus on creating FUN, HAPPY, and UPBEAT experiences fueled primarily with Pop/Party genre music and video.  Curator DJ Nomihodai has always believed in and been a proponent of releasing only positive uplifting vibes and energy.  DJ Nomihodai's strong love for music and high regard for genuine creativity coupled with originality were prime motivations for establishing the Elevare Empire platform.

Thus far the Elevare Empire "museum" currently contains the audio collections "EEM Party Show" and "EEM Party Quad."  Each collection is filled with amusing Elevare Empire Music and good times . Please check out the www.elevareempire.com website to review content and for additional information.  Also please be sure to attend the EEM Party Live Show Expo for a next level experience when in your town.

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  1. These guys are absolutely amazing, and you'd be crazy to party anywhere else in the city. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. It's elegant, affordable, and delicious. You really get bang for your buck at venue NYC here! And the service is top-notch.