Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Interview with Lua Proc

Paul Harris: Stage Name “Lua Proc” is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist/Producer and CEO based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Lua is an amazing recording artist/producer who has had a love for music since he was a young and now this passion has become reality. Lua Proc, will be performing live all over the country this year and currently has several upcoming shows lined-up for 2016-17. The multi-talented Emcee just recently released his newest single, “FLEXXIN” which dropped this April 2016. In addition to working on original music for his upcoming album, ”Fish Tailing “ Lua Proc is also in the works with collaborating with some big names in the music and production business.  

Proc has a keen sense of raw talent and an elevated level of professionalism. When he’s not in the studio mixing and recording, he’s in the board room brokering deals and initiating plans for his team’s future. Many of Lua Proc’s fans and several journalist consider his style to be refreshing and very catchy.

So lets get to it,

What is the name you go by?  
Lua Proc , of   “High End Society” 

Where are you from? 
Pittsburgh, Pa 

In what year did start rapping and performing?  

How old were you when you first got into the music scene? What got you started in music? 
 Around the age of 12 I ventured into the music scene based my mothers influence on the music that was selected to play in the house 

Are you touring? 
Yes currently on tour for ”Livin Legend Tour” with Twista

Where was your first gig?  
On the Big Heff Industry Tour in Columbus

Where was the latest gig?
Minnepolis at LV Nightclub 

What are some of your good and bad traits you feel you have as an artist? 
Good traits range from performance , energy, and crowd driven , and to reference the bad would be jitters and nervousness leading o drinking before performances .

What genre is your music? 

Why did you pick that particular style? Or what about that style called to you? 
Rap is something that was adaptable to my lifestyle so I chose to run with it for the time being , It calledme based on the message that it was built around.

Have you released any albums or singles?Currently just released “Flexxin” single nationally through Ataroz Distro 

Tell me your biggest influences and which artists have inspired you to perform.
Twista, Jay Z, Tupac , Biggie, Kevin Gates and Rick Ross 

What was your best/worst gig you've played?
House of Blues in LA, and Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, and worst is yet to be determined 

What places will you be playing in in the near future? Where would like to perform in the future?
Indianapolis, Colorado , Kentucky , etc, . I would like to perform on BMI showcase , and our an award ceremony arena or stage .

Which artist is the best that you've seen live? What made their show so good?
Jay Z live show was unique to me because he held crowd control from beginning to end without any reference track or hype man.

What has been your most promising gig so far? 
Livin Legend  Tour with Twista 

How big was the biggest crowed you performed for? 

If you could go anywhere in the world to perform, where would you go and why?
 I would go to France to tap into the culture of music that they seemed to be able to intertwine with Hip Hop and Rap.

How do you typically get psyched up for a gig? 
Power of prayer 

Where does a majority of your inspiration come from? Older music or more modern music? 
A mixture of both is taken from various generations of music .

Who is your current favorite artists today
Jay Z and Kevin Gates 

Thanks Lua Proc for taking the time to do our interview. Be sure to follow this artist at the links below

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