Friday, August 26, 2016

Amazing Cover's by Olivia Wallace

OLIVIA ROSE WALLACE is an American singer/songwriter born and raised in a town outside of Flint Michigan. Her mother Nicole (Bowers) was born in Canada and a daughter to Guyanese immigrants.  Her Father Michael Wallace, born in America and son of Irish/Italian immigrants.  Olivia is known for her Angelic high notes and soulful jazzy lows, with an accent that can’t be placed. Often she performs with her eyes closed and you can hear the emotion in her songs. Since first debuting covers on Soundcloud, she has been approached by numerous trap, hip hop and rap artists for song collaborations (which would be seem to be a perfect vocal marriage). Currently Olivia is working on her upcoming EP which she promises to be a reflection of her true self, stating “I’m keeping it chill, relaxed and heartfelt”.  One to follow for sure.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Genesis7 – The Emergence [Album Review]

Opting for a dark kind of beauty is the mysterious work of Genesis7’s “The Emergence”. Full of shadows, layers of distant samples, and a laid-back articulate flow, Genesis7 creates carefully crafted atmospheres. Woven together the songs work together ever so effortlessly. With a jazzy sensibility and a chilled out vibe, the production values feel reminiscent of the loose stylistic choices of Flying Lotus. Throughout it all it is the thoughtful reflections on life that serve as the heart and center of the album.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

MajorMinorKeyz Releases His New Album 'GibbousThisDay' [Free DL]

Intricate arrangements, impeccable flow, and cinematic flair define the incredible “GibbousThisDay” showing Major Minor Keyz to be a deft producer. Stylistically varied Major Minor Keyz successfully merges elements of hip-hop, classical, jazz, lounge, and electronica. By far the heart of the entire sound is the expressive nimble piano from which the rest of the sound comes into full bloom. Full of a great deal of color Major Minor Keyz lets his songs expand, resulting in luxurious seas of sound. Nicely tying everything together is a late-night atmospheric vibe that dominates over the course of the entire collection. Thematically consistent Major Minor Keyz lets the songs bounce off of each other, creating a great variety of twists and turns.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Check Out Die IV Ty's Latest EP [Hiphop]

DIE IV TY (Die for ty) is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist born in  El Paso, TX and raised in Albany,NY, The NYS Capital.

DIE IV TY Debut EP "BE HUMBLE" can be found on TIDAL , APPLE MUSIC , iTunes Spotify Google PLAY Soundcloud

It is Evident that this name warrants immediate explanation.

DIE IV TY's 2nd EP R1 R2 L1 L2 (Left Down Right Up) x2
now available on iiTunes/Applemusic, Spotify,Google Play
Is a Rapid-speed assortment of the thoughts and emotions trapped in the mind of an individual of whom most would considered to be paranoid, expressed through song.
In his mind, his on life is similar to the video game "GTA" in the way that he feels as if people are after him and that anything could happen at any time.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gana - Daylight [Single]

Mars Gana is the sole producer of her records. She performs every instrument, designs every sound, sings every vocal, mixes, masters, engineers, and produced her own album from the ground up.

Daylight is a song about fighting through the mundane everyday of a 9-5 to really have an opportunity to grasp your dreams, and “break free.”

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