Friday, August 26, 2016

Amazing Cover's by Olivia Wallace

OLIVIA ROSE WALLACE is an American singer/songwriter born and raised in a town outside of Flint Michigan. Her mother Nicole (Bowers) was born in Canada and a daughter to Guyanese immigrants.  Her Father Michael Wallace, born in America and son of Irish/Italian immigrants.  Olivia is known for her Angelic high notes and soulful jazzy lows, with an accent that can’t be placed. Often she performs with her eyes closed and you can hear the emotion in her songs. Since first debuting covers on Soundcloud, she has been approached by numerous trap, hip hop and rap artists for song collaborations (which would be seem to be a perfect vocal marriage). Currently Olivia is working on her upcoming EP which she promises to be a reflection of her true self, stating “I’m keeping it chill, relaxed and heartfelt”.  One to follow for sure.

Olivia has received attention on Soundcloud and Youtube for her beautiful renditions of popular songs. Each song is uniquely remixed, giving it a completely new feeling when mixed with Olivia's stunning vocals. Check out the top three songs here:

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