Monday, August 22, 2016

Genesis7 – The Emergence [Album Review]

Opting for a dark kind of beauty is the mysterious work of Genesis7’s “The Emergence”. Full of shadows, layers of distant samples, and a laid-back articulate flow, Genesis7 creates carefully crafted atmospheres. Woven together the songs work together ever so effortlessly. With a jazzy sensibility and a chilled out vibe, the production values feel reminiscent of the loose stylistic choices of Flying Lotus. Throughout it all it is the thoughtful reflections on life that serve as the heart and center of the album.

Upon finishing the “Intro” things get started in full with “Tight Rope”. On “Tight Rope” Genesis7 emerge out of a smooth swirl of sound. Everything simply works from the low-key, casual groove to the soothing understated melody, as the lyrics reflect on how people try their best to balance their lives. The delivery on “Slow Down” feels particularly comforting, as it explores exactly how to find the right path in life. Bringing a little bit of a light into the mix is the Sunday afternoon sweetness of “Worth It”. By far the highlight is the bossa nova inflected “Revolutionary Girl”. Rather beautiful the guitar work has a kindness to it as the song moves ever so gracefully. A sense of play emanates from the grandeur of “The Lighthouse”. Ending the album on a high note is the glistening introspective approach of “Statements”.

Fully satisfying, Genesis7’s “The Emergence” is an inspirational collection, one as catchy as it is calming.


-Written By BeachSloth

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